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Backcountry rookies podcast

Chad Ryker from Backcountry Rookies interviews Scott and Travis about a host of topics including lessons learned, mental toughness and writing a book.

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East Meets west with beau martonik

Beau Martonik from East Meets West sits down with Travis and Scott to discuss spring bear, hunting partners, out of state hunting, and the unlikely way we all met.

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Joseph von Benedikt sits down with Travis Greenwood and Scott Daniels to chat about their inspiration to launch into hunting the backcountry, a book, and the wisdom they’ve learned. The podcast focuses on spot and stalk techniques, gear choices, and area evaluations.


Travis Greenwood and Scott Daniels of Team Bad Decision hop on the line with Living Country in the City to discuss the origination of their name and the book, their definition of “backcountry”, transparency and authenticity in storytelling, now downplaying your mistakes, the importance of developing mental toughness and how hunting has changed their lives.