…refreshing, a hunting adventure as it should be, told as it really is, unsensationalized, raw, and truthful but told in a way that envisions the reality of hunting that encompasses what only a hunter can understand.

Jason Brooks—Outdoor Writer, Photographer and Field Editor for Western Hunting Journal

Travis is a good story teller, self-deprecating when necessary, brave enough to be honest and open with mistakes in a public way most are not, yet infuses a yearning to be back in the same risky scene, trying to get it right and get it done. This is not a compilation of "Bubba and Billy went hunting and shot a big bull" stories. It is a rendition of a consuming passion for freedom, bold enough to be lived outside of society's strictures.

Shawn Ryan, Experienced Backpack Hunter and Beta Reader

I really enjoyed reading this book, mostly because it wasn’t a typical collection of only successful hunting stories with trophy animals. Instead this is an honest and fun read with success and failure that anyone who has hunted away from the “front country” can relate to, will appreciate and laugh at. Many helpful tips relating to gear and preparation throughout the book were seamlessly embedded into the stories. I haven’t been able to take part in backcountry hunting quite as aggressively as the author has, but this book certainly gave me some motivation and insights to use in the future. Thanks!

Rich T.—Amazon Review

Just finished TBD: An Evolutionary Tale In Backcountry Hunting and couldn’t have enjoyed it more! As anyone whose ever spent time up “on the mountain “can relate to, this book painted a vivid picture of what it’s like from the commute, complete with anticipation & high hopes, to the trail, finding that perfect campsite (and let’s not forget the fire, there’s nothing like a fire! It can’t be fully described, it has to be experienced!). Then there’s the actual hunt itself.....I thoroughly enjoyed the tales of glassing sessions, numerous stalks, some successful some blown (we’ve all been there). The shot...the kill....well as any hunter knows that’s not really why we hunt. We do it for the experience! This book told the story of the experience. Thanks for that! And thanks for helping me pass a little time between hunting seasons! I’ve suggested to my wife that she reads this book in an attempt to further understand why I’m so passionate about hunting and being up on the mountain. I’m happy to report that she did read it....and loved it! Thanks again and congratulations for writing an outstanding and realistic book about backcountry hunting!

Chris Alcaraz—Amazon Review