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I can’t believe how far this project has come. It feels like only yesterday that I was sitting down to look at the master trip list Scott had sent, and trying to decide where to start, and how to formulate our tale. A small collection of words haphazardly thrown together in a word document. Small, inocuous titles like: Spring 2015 and The Double, wouldn’t mean anything to a person casually glancing at the screen. But to me, those words invoked memories of storms, animals, friendship, success and failure. I can taste the first sip off the Bota Box, and can hear the repetitive tapping from the rain and the whipping of the tent in the wind.

Those thoughts whispered in my mind, and I had the desire to convey them on paper and share them.

So here we sit, nearly 7 months later, with a nearly finished manuscript ready for print. There is no way I could have done any of this without the intense help from the hordes of people who call themselves my friends. It is astounding the amount of hands who have touched this project, and so I don’t feel that this project is only my own, but has a little part of each persons soul ingrained inside the pages.

So without further ado…Team Bad Decision: An Evolutionary Tale In Backcountry Hunting, is now LIVE on pre-order! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, random people on the street, etc…

April 6th is the official release date

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